Established 1985
September 15, 2016

MCMEA Members,

The year is moving very quickly, fall training is in a couple of weeks and new coroner's training in December. If you
know of any new coroners already decided by the primary, make sure they are aware of the training and get them
registered. Forms are on the website

The scene photo bill has passed thanks to the hard work by Willie, the Catalyst Group and the coroners working with
their Senators and Representatives. We need to keep our association active in the capital, so keep up the work.

Good luck to Eddie on his retirement. He did a great job for our association and he will be missed.

Again, I ask the coroners to be active in our association, it takes all of us for our association to be strong and get
things accomplished. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts for our association contract your troop director or you
can call me anytime.


Jim Coplin
MCMEA President
Jim Coplin
2017 Conference Evaluation Results
The results are in and available for your viewing.  The board and I are working hard to make 2018 even better!  
We will have SPRING and FALL Conferences available.  Dates and schedules will be available soon.